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Transitional Housing Live-In Shift Parent Denali Family Services Occupation: Psychiatric Technicians
Location: Anchorage, AK - 99504 Positions available: 4
Job #: 508459
Updated: 2/12/2021 Expires: 3/31/2021
Source: AlaskaJobs Site: AlaskaJobs

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Eligible for $5,000 Hiring Bonus, payable upon successful completion of 90-day evaluation period! 

The Transitional Housing Live-in Shift Parent lives in and runs the home during the entirety of their shift. They are responsible for ensuring the completion of daily household responsibilities, supporting client access to resources and services, meal preparation, communicating client and household needs to treatment team members and other house staff, and providing behavioral health support and skill development to severely emotionally disturbed (SED) clients within the context of a Crisis Stabilization Home and the surrounding community.

The position is responsible for maintaining positive working relationships which includes a variety of agencies.  All services will support the agency mission, in providing mental health rehabilitative services to SED clients and their families.

These positions are responsible for observing policies, procedures, and safeguards to protect the privacy of health information in compliance with the HIPAA Privacy (Privacy Rule).

Essential Functions:

  • Provides therapeutic treatment home services as a primary worker living with clients on a shift rotation schedule.
  • Remains in the home overnight to provide client support and supervision as needed.
  • Delegates household tasks and client activities to support staff as needed.
  • Manages multiple schedules to ensure completion of household responsibilities, client activities, medication administration, and other tasks.
  • Demonstrates complete familiarity with client service plans and targeted goals.
  • Maintains compliance with licensing regulations for the home and client interventions.
  • Participates in treatment team meetings to develop and review the client goals and objectives; and contribute to the team's assessment of progress in treatment.
  • Actively works towards developing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with clients and their families.
  • Actively implements agency approved behavior support interventions as recommended by treatment teams to facilitate self-regulation for clients.
  • Plans, purchases, and prepares nutritious meals for clients and staff with flexibility regarding unique dietary needs and preferences.
  • Teaches and models behavior and life skills through the facilitation and monitoring of routines in activities of daily living, inclusive of personal hygiene, meal preparation, regular household tasks, leisure activities and other routine daily tasks.
  • Develops, plans, and implements therapeutic activities including community activities for clients.
  • Communicates and maintains effective professional relationships with the client parents, foster parents, teachers, guardians, and other professionals.
  • Transports clients to/from home, school, the agency, and community settings as part of their treatment program via a private or agency vehicle.
  • Documents daily progress notes into CareLogic within 72 hours per agency policy.
  • Follows mandatory reporting laws with all incidents of harm within 24 hours.
  • Ensures client confidentiality as prescribed by agency policy and federal law.
  • Actively seeks clinical and administrative direction.
  • Understands and complies with all agency policy and procedures, plans, program requirements and protocol.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Implement the client's treatment plans through established goals. Adequate performance is determined by timely and quality client notes, billable time spent with client, and client performance.
  • Parents, foster parents, teachers, guardians, and other professionals are positive about the performance.
  • Complete all agency training requirements.
  • Performance on essential functions as listed above.

Position Requirements:

  • Assist clients with other services as determined by the treatments team, i.e. vocational, recreational activities, etc.
  • Attend and participate in meetings, committees and trainings as assigned.
  • Demonstrates effective problem solving and active listening.
  • Read and act in a timely manner on items in paper and electronic mailboxes.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Maintain a positive, professional relationship in the community, i.e. schools, recreational centers, and other offsite activities.
  • Follow program and protocol of all Denali Family Services programs.
  • Assist Case Managers with case management services as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

Required: A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university in social work, human services, psychology, or a closely related field with one (1) year of experience in developing and implementing activities for children and adolescents diagnosed as severely emotionally disturbed.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to maintain positive professional working relationships and to work effectively within a team environment.
  • Organized, efficient, and able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously with attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • Good written communication skills, including the ability to accurately document events and provide detailed records for clients.
  • Ability to ensure client and employee confidentiality as prescribed by agency policy and federal law.
  • Proficient with basic operations in Microsoft Word and Outlook.
  • Ability to act decisively and with fairness.
  • Ability to read, speak and write in English.
  • Ability to pass a State and FBI background check in accordance with the State of Alaska Background Checking Unit.
  • Ability to complete all training requirements for within the prescribed times.
  • Ability to work with a variety of clients with mental health issues and treat them with dignity and respect.
  • Ability to work effectively with a variety of clients in various settings.
  • Ability to develop sound clinical and therapeutic skills.
  • Ability to learn and utilize CareLogic.
  • Ability to learn, understand and apply all agency protocols, policies, procedures, plans, and program requirements.

Physical Requirements: Ability to perform sedentary work as well as to be engaged in physical exercise with clients such as running, walking, hiking, etc. Must be able to lift 40 lbs. Visual acuity necessary to utilize a computer monitor throughout the course of a normal workday. Ability to perform repetitive keyboarding activities and operate general office equipment. Ability to communicate verbally, both in person and over the telephone. Ability to wrap arms around and hold a person. Ability to twist and bend frequently.  Must have visual and hearing acuity.

Working Conditions:  Work is primarily performed at the transitional home, but will also occur at Denali Family Services offices, in schools, in homes and in the community.

Other Requirements:  Ability to obtain CPR and First Aid certification, continual proof of a valid Alaska Driver's License, maintain current personal vehicle insurance and registration on personal vehicle(s) used for company business, maintain a violation free driving record for the past 1 year, and maintain satisfactory criminal background record.

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Minimum Experience Required: 12 months

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Experience Job Openings Percentage of Job Openings Green Job Count Percentage of Green Jobs Percentage of Job Openings Percentage of Green Jobs
Not Specified 5 83.33% 0 0.00% N/A N/A
1 Year to 2 Years 1 16.67% 0 0.00% 100.00% 0.00%
The most common minimum experience requirement on jobs advertised online for Psychiatric Technicians in Anchorage, Municipality of, AK on February 25, 2021 is 1 Year to 2 Years with 16.67% of the total jobs posted by employers. There were 5 job openings advertised online that did not specify a minimum experience requirement.
There were 5 job openings advertised online that did not specify a minimum experience requirement
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Education and Training
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Other Skills

Specialized Job Requirements
Test Requirement: No test required - Drug Testing/Screening
Driver's License Required: Yes, Operator License.
Minimum Age Requirement: 21. Reason for Age Requirement: Insurance.

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  Psychiatric Technicians
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